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22nd January 2014

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maorifulla asked: I have been excited for this documentary for a while now, because I love Nujabes' music so much. Since its been almost a year since the last post here I was wondering how much progress you've made. :D I would love to see it finished. Thanks, Eli

Thank you for your excitement! I answered this in the question below.

22nd January 2014

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kukanto asked: It's almost 4 years since the day Nujabes gone, can you tell us any progress about the documentary?

Hydeout Productions (Nujabes label) has changed managements and now his brother and father are running the record company. I am negotiating with them on coming to agreement and terms with the documentary that way not just for them, but everyone that was involved in Nujabes life and career are satisfied. Nothing gets done until we come to an agreement and I get the ok and blessing from them. I am going back to Japan in April to move the project forward and hope to put everything into fruition.

6th December 2012

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smbeasy asked: when will this be done? any estimated dates? I think a lot of people are wondering.. possibly make a Facebook post on the page or something. Thanks.

I think I have already answered this in a previous question some where, but I am not in control of when it comes out so I can’t give you an estimated date. Hydeout Productions (Nujabes Label) is in control and they will work with me on their time which I agreed to. If anything new happens I will keep it updated through this page.

13th November 2012

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Sorry for the spam! Account was hacked.

28th October 2012

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It has been confirmed today that the soulful folk singer Terry Callier has passed away. I reached out to him about doing an interview for the film a couple of weeks ago and I am now devastated to hear about his death. I will miss that soulful lovely voice and huge smile he presented on stage and behind his music. RIP Mr.Callier. …There will be no more blues

19th July 2012

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Came across an old sign of Nujabes record store Guinness while walking around in Shibuya

Came across an old sign of Nujabes record store Guinness while walking around in Shibuya

25th February 2012

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dabestblog asked: Hey, I was just wondering how the documentary was going. I love nujabes' music, and was wondering how close you are to being done. Also, did you ever actually meet the man?

Its going well. Going through adjustments with moving into a new studio and gathering a new production team. Don’t know when it will be done yet as the film is still in production. Never got the chance to meet him.

6th February 2012

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31st January 2012

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Thanks to Cesley Musngi for creating this beautiful poster! Check her work out at

Thanks to Cesley Musngi for creating this beautiful poster! 

Check her work out at

22nd January 2012

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